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In 2014, I opened the doors to my private practice providing humanistic and person centered counseling and psychotherapy to youth, families and individuals.


My private practice was thriving. I was slammed and seeing as many families as I could, yet still had a large waiting list.

I loved the youth and families I provided sacred space and therapeutic support to, they were passionate, creative, empathic, funny, intelligent and beautiful. Yet so many dealt with pain, trauma, anger, sadness, anxiety and a multitude of challenges stemming from being young and going through the radical pilgrimage of growth.

The youth I worked with shared their pain with me and let me into their world to see their suffering, i.e. the self harm, the suicidality, substance abuse and the hopelessness. Too many youth in pain and suffering, seeking relief and salvation and not knowing where to turn.

After spending years in the mental health field continually frustrated with the options available, I finally began to envision a place I felt would offer true sacred space to youth. In 2020, this vision manifested itself into Eternal Strength, an 8500 sq. ft community youth center providing top tier counseling and psychotherapeutic support to youth and families.


I am beyond proud of Eternal Strength and the space we have cultivated. This group of healers is the most precious group of people I know and their hearts shine bright daily as they sit with youth and families and offer sacred space, honesty, compassion, empathy and healing light energy. 

Still my heart yearned to disrupt the control system and give all youth in need access to these services of support and guidance. Many times I broke down and sat across from my wife in tears explaining the frustration I feel with wanting to help more youth but being severely limited because of the costs needed to provide and obtain therapeutic support and guidance. I knew there had to be a better way, a way to get top tier therapeutic support to all youth and families in need regardless of their income or resources.


Money, capitalism, society, legislation, all felt too much, too big and too overwhelming to tackle. But now I feel that with steady community growth, persistence and a clear heart mission I can impact and influence these arenas for the better.

As I continue to listen to youth and families, I am all too aware of the challenges with obtaining mental health therapy and support for affordable costs. The mental health field has become big business and is mainly run by large corporations and business development arenas and sadly only affluent families get access to substantial mental health care and therapeutic support. 

My goal is to continue to fight for all youth to have access to top tier mental health support and care. 

Now begins my mission to help even more youth and families. My wife Alison and I have founded and opened Cosmic Lamb, a 501(c) 3 non-profit organization focused on providing humanistic, experiential therapeutic support to families and communities in need. 


Comic Lamb will hold fundraisers, seek out grants and accept donations from the community. Any and all funding and resources obtained will focus on providing therapeutic support to youth and families in need. As Cosmic Lamb grows, so will our mission. We eventually plan to open experiential youth centers in underserved communities and create an expansive volunteer network of mentors, healers and coaches devoted to providing youth therapeutic support and guidance.


With divine light, persistence, community support and relentless determination, I am confident that Cosmic Lamb will flourish. Providing radical youth work to all in need is the mission and nothing will stop us from changing the world for the better!!

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