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The Cosmic Lamb

.....the Journey to Change the World for the Better

A very wise mentor of mine once shared a parable that has been passed down via many cultures/ years and whose specific origin is unknown to me. The narrative begins with a villager walking down alongside a stream. Soon she notices a small baby drowning in the stream. Without hesitation the villager jumps in and saves the child by bringing it to dry land. Walking a little further she notices two babies and immediately jumps in and brings them to land as well. Walking further, the babies in the stream continue to multiply and the villager does all she can to save each and every baby, however they multiply at a rate in which it becomes impossible to save each. The villager is forced to make a choice, she can continue to spend and exhaust all her time and energy jumping in and saving as many babies as possible, or she can make the difficult decision to walk up stream and discover where, why and how these babies are entering into the stream.


+It is time to walk upstream+

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