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"Our brothers' needs become our own, because they are taking the journey with us as we go to God. Without us they would lose their way. Without them we could never find our own."-- A Course In Miracles

At Cosmic Lamb we aim to provide service and outreach to youth, adolescents and young adults on the radical pilgrimage of growth and development. More and more youth struggle with depression, anxiety, self harm, suicidiality and substance abuse and addiction. These mental health challenges are often times immersed with other struggles such as lack of access to resources, education, community support and positive mentorship.

The Mental Health Field has become run by large corporations and organizations and many of the best counseling and psychotherapeutic supports for youth are only available to affluent families with adequate resources.


All youth need sacred space and therapeutic guidance, however, underserved communities and families in lower SES arenas continue to struggle with a complete lack of therapeutic support and guidance. Social Workers and State Funded care facilities do their best to provide support, but are often lacking resources to provide a similar level of therapeutic support available in private pay arenas.


At Cosmic Lamb we devote ourselves to providing youth in need a sacred space to begin to tap into their internal healing abilities and see their beauty and strength. Providing counseling/ psychotherapy, spiritual guidance and mentorship we seek to provide youth with a community of support. 

Cosmic Lamb will focus directly on working with impoverished families and youth in need and seeking to provide them with therapy, family support and mentorship to begin to help families heal, grow and thrive.

We are all radiant Children of God and Cosmic Lamb works to help youth see their divine light and begin to attune to their true beauty and thrive. 

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